Dear Baby

Recently I’ve stumbled upon several variations of babies writing sweet letters to their parents, all basically saying the same things:

– I won’t be a baby for long
– Please don’t forget how vulnerable and sweet I am
– I’m sorry for all the trouble I’m causing by being a baby

While totally heartfelt, and I get where the writing is coming from, I want to say to my daughter, “It’s not your responsibility to remind me that you’re a baby. Let me be the adult and remind myself of all you’re going through. You be the baby and enjoy the growth and joy and struggles that come along with that. You don’t ever have to remind me to be kind or compassionate towards you. You are not a burden. You are not an inconvenience in any way. Most of all, don’t ever apologize for being simply who you are.”

To that end, I wrote this letter to my baby…

Dear Baby,

I’m sorry I can’t always understand everything you’re trying to say,
Like when I try to bounce you when you really want to sway
Or when I try to play with you and all you want is rest
I know I won’t always get it right, but I’ll always try my best.

I’ll try to remember how new you are to this big, exciting world
And I’ll let you grab at anything as long as you won’t get hurt
You’re still just learning to use your hands. It must frustrate you at times.
I promise I’ll pick up all the toys you drop while giving you lots of smiles.

And here you are so eager to crawl. You try and try and try.
I won’t rush you. I’ll just watch. It’s your journey, not mine.
I won’t forget how hard it is to watch the world change each day.
Sometimes you just need extra cuddles. Know that it’s okay.

If you cry cuz your teeth are hurting I’ll try to ease the pain
And wipe up every drop of drool cuz, babe, it’s just your way.
When people ask if you’ve started sleeping yet the whole night through
I’ll say, “Who cares? She’s a baby. She’s not supposed to.”

You’re supposed to cry when you’re hungry and hope to be fed right away.
You’re supposed to cry when you want anything. It’s the only thing you can say.
You’re supposed to long for the closeness of the two people who are your world.
Independence will come later, sweetheart. For now, you’re our baby girl.

You never have to apologize for the whining, the waking, the screams.
In fact, I love everything you do. You’re the baby of my dreams.
Let’s enjoy every second we have together. Adulthood isn’t far.
Don’t ever apologize for being a baby. You’re perfect as you are.

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