Nighttime Nature Walks

I would love for Baby Dahlia to grow up closer to Mother Nature than I did. I’d like her to know carrots come from the ground, not a grocery store. I’d like her to know that which feeds the land in turn feeds her body, and that both her body and the land should be respected and honored. I’d like her to enjoy the feel of soil between her fingers, the taste of strawberries fresh off the vine, the magic of eating eggs produced by her own pet chickens.

This is not so easy living in Los Angeles.

Sure, there are wild places in and around L.A., but none within walking distance from our home and Baby hates her carseat like you wouldn’t believe.

Thankfully we live in a beautiful, large apartment complex filled with trees and greenery and multiple man-made streams and mini-waterfalls (that are only “on” from 8am to 8pm, mind you). Sadly, years ago they removed all the real grass on the property and replaced it with fake grass. So much for getting Baby out onto the grass and in touch with Mother Earth.

Instead, for her nighttime walks I wrap her to me and let her grab at all the fantastic foliage our grounds have to offer. Tree leaves? She loves to pluck them. Bush branches? She shakes them to watch all the other branches dance. Spiders? We watch them weave their webs at night. I tell her it’s their art.

Together we wander the grounds, stopping along the many paths to visit with the different types of greenery, and it works wonders. She’s engaged, enthralled, and soon asleep.

Welcome to nature in L.A., love! I think to myself. It’s better than nothing, to be sure, but I look forward to the days when we can walk the grounds of our giant plot of land, bare feet in real grass, visiting with our own fruit trees, listening to the sounds of crickets instead of freeway traffic.

Until then, nighttime “nature” walks it is! Thank goodness for our little bit of green in the middle of L.A. I’ll take hundreds of trees and man-made streams over the big city, concrete jungle any day.

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