“I’m Crying Mama…Why?”

On a recent Monday, Dahlia woke up "fussy." It had been a hot, eventful weekend in which she had waaaaay too much sugar. And by sugar, I mean fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Way more than her tiny body could handle. She was unusually cranky. Every little thing upset her. She cried over things… Continue reading “I’m Crying Mama…Why?”

What Attunement Parenting Looks Like in My House

I know, I know...attunement parenting...yet another style of parenting. Another label to throw on top of attachment parenting, gentle parenting, respectful parenting, peaceful parenting, positive parenting, and more. Pretty soon, there will be more parenting styles than fad diets. But hear me out. It's not really a new style, process, or fad. It's just the… Continue reading What Attunement Parenting Looks Like in My House