Where’s Dahlia?

You may be asking “Where’s Dahlia? Why do nothing of the pictures show her face?”

Well, here’s the thing …

She’s a human being. She is her own person. She has preferences and opinions which I can neither predict nor control. And I face a dilemma no one in my generation ever had to face:

What if our daughter doesn’t want her pictures all over the internet?

When she’s old enough to understand (at least a teeny tiny bit) seeing her photo on other people’s tablets and laptops and phones and it’s something she enjoys, I’ll be happy to post every picture I have of her! (Okay, maybe not EVERY picture …)

But if she doesn’t want her baby pictures all over my blog (emphasis on MY blog, not hers), by the time she can express her unhappiness it may be too late to take it back. Who knows where her photos will go, what memes they’ll become, or how widely they’ll be shared? And with whom? For what purpose? Oh, the list could go on.

So please bear with me as she grows and someday soon you and I will discover together whether or not she wants her pictures online.

Until then, here’s one lovely little baby picture I’m happy to share.

Thanks for your understanding!!

Smiling Baby Dahlia
Smiling Baby Dahlia

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